“This is the science of energy
From the Greek words
of heat and power…”
In an enclosure where the air is thin; words are vibrations and time is unmoving; clusters of particles, each its own person; thirty two students and one lecturer who does not speak their language; Today for example, in this Thermos, everything is meant to be energy; but in this Thermos, nothing seems to find its balance; Look, the clock is at 7pm; Look it is still two hours to go.
In this Thermos, explore the poetry of our protagonist who week after week, must sit through hours of his wearisome lecture in Thermos.
Published 2021 by Tiamr Poetry. E-book only.
About the Author: 
Lolu is a multidisciplinary artist working in illustration, photography and poetry. He is the author of 3 chapbooks and curator of the Tiamr! Poetry blog.

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